November 24, 2005

New crisis for Blair's War

I was against the War in Iraq, not a popular position in this section of the Blogosphere. I felt that our resources where better spent in Afghanistan and Pakistan hunting down Bin Laden in order to bring him to justice for orchestrating the murder of 3000 innocent people. Saddam was a monster and needed removing, but he was a monster in a cage not an immediate threat. We needed to deal with him, and Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and Kim in Korea, and the Mullahs of Iran. But later. First things first.

My views have softened since then as I see Saddam gone and a new democratic Iraq emerging. But getting rid of the psychopathic despot was never one of the reasons given, in fact Blair explicitly rejected it as a reason for going to war (coming back to this, the strongest reason he ever had, only in retrospect). So I am not displeased to see that there is a motion going to be put before parliament for a proper inquiry into the Iraq War. So long as New Labour do not cripple it, or drop it before it can report if it looks like being embarrassing (powers that they have given themselves), then this could well produce another blow to Blair and help reign in the tyrant, and hopefully the authoritarian New Labour Project as well.


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